Basic Plot

Miracle in the Andes is a heartbreaking story of surviving in the most difficult situations people can think of. Nando Parrado tells this story from a first hand experience and gives an insight to a situation few people might understand. But what happened?

Nando begins his story by letting people have an insight in his own life. He talks about his childhood, his family and his teammates on the rugby team he was traveling with when the accident happened.
They were flying from Uruguay to Chile where they were going to compete in rugby, on the flight there were other passengers, including Nando's mother and sister, when the plain hit a turbulence and the plane crashed in the middle of the Andes mountain range.

For detailed information on the people on the flight and the crash you can visit the "Andes accident official web site"

From here on out he retails a story that many debates have sprung from, where he describes how the survivors of the crash try to survive by any means necessary. Which shows how dark the human nature can be in order to survive. Many people can never understand what they went through but still say that what they did is wrong and goes against every religious believe that is practiced today (except maybe some remote tribes in Africa). But their will to survive and be rescued helped them make the decision to go against their inner ethics and go with their savage survival instinct.

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